Difference Between BS And Bsc (Hons) In Pakistan

Scroll Down for Difference Between BS And Bsc (Hons) In Pakistan Table to grow with the mindset of BS and BSc hons. BS: BS stands for Bachelors in Science. It is a three years academic program in Pakistan. It has not so much scope but a BS degree holder can easily get a good job at … Read more

Difference Between B.Tech And BE In Pakistan

Here is debate of Difference Between B.Tech And BE In Pakistan. B.Tech: Tech stands for Bachelors in Technology. It is an undergraduate degree conferred after the completion of a three to four years program of Technology studies at a college or a university level. A bachelor of Technology originates in versatile fields. Technology and Engineering are … Read more

What Is The Difference Between O-Level And A-Level In Pakistan?

O-Level and A-Levels are the British educational style adopted by Pakistan from international countries. Both are General Education Certificates. Most of the schools and colleges in Pakistan are offering O-Level and A-Level. Both O-Level and A-Level Education degree are the branches of British Education System. O-Level stands for an Ordinary level or education which is … Read more

Difference Between Private School And Government School in Pakistan

Education is one of the important and essential factors in every country of the world. Selection of a perfect school whether it is private or government is somehow difficult. You can easily select the government or a private school by some of the important points through which it can prove beneficiary different. It is very … Read more