Difference Between Babysitter and Nanny

Here we are going to study the Difference Between babysitters and Nanny. Both these words are so related to each other because both have the purpose to take care of the child. Thus, it is clear that it relates to baby care. Just having some unique differences, they are different from each other. The difference occurs when we talk about the period of care. The babysitter takes care of the baby temporarily for a week, a day, or maybe for some hours. The role of the nanny is included in the family. In simple words, a nanny is like a servant who has to take care of the child living within the family. This shows the clear difference between these two words. Down here, we are going to study more about these terms.


When we talk about a babysitter, then it is a person who temporarily provides baby care. The responsibilities of a babysitter may include watching the baby for sleep, changing diapers, preparation of food for the child, giving him/her time for co-curricular activities, or may include more things. This depends upon the agreement made between the parents and the babysitter. It usually has a period of almost a few hours or a day or more.

This word has many variations internationally. In many countries, it refers to just caring for a child about sleep. But in many countries, it refers to care the whole day from the sleep of the child to the food and other things. In the sub-continent, it may be a short-termed contract or more.

Difference Between Babysitter and Nanny


The word ‘’Nanny” refers to the person who takes care of the child. This care is given to the child by a nanny within the family of a child that makes the child familiar with his/her family. The responsibilities of a nanny are more than a babysitter. It includes total care, for instance, taking care of the child’s sleep, rest, hunger, and then provides a meal. It depends upon the contract between the parents and the nanny. The contract period might longs for some months to a year or more.

In different parts of the world, this job has many variations. In European countries, many agencies deal with it and provide a nanny for the care of the child. There are proper training schools for their training. On the other hand, in Asian countries, it is also a profession.

 Difference Between Babysitter and Nanny

Babysitter Nanny
It refers to temporary child care. It is proper child care.
Babysitting is a paid job for all ages. It is for a little age child.
Short-timed child care. Nanny gives care for a short or long period.
The responsibilities of a babysitter may include just taking care of a baby’s sleep, rest, and food according to the contract. Nanny’s responsibilities may include

Complete care, rest, activities, and many others.

It is also given to the child of middle school, high school. It is given to the very short-aged child.
No legal requirements are needed to consider a babysitter. There are no legal requirements needed to consider a nanny.


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