Difference Between District And Division In Pakistan

Pakistan’s four provinces are further subdivided into administrative divisions which are further divided into tehsils, districts and union councils. There are several numbers allotted as union councils and tehsils in many districts on the basis of region or land and also on the base of the population now. The district is the third order of the administrative division. There are so many tehsils or districts of the four provinces of Pakistan. For further detail difference between Tehsil and District must read this article until the end will probably help you in this regard. It example to view the Difference Between District And Division In Pakistan

Difference Between District And Division In Pakistan


Districts of Pakistan are the third-order administrative division of Pakistan. A district is headed by the Deputy Commission who is responsible for maintenance of law and order and administrative levels. Collections of revenue and criminal prosecution in the district and the sectional court are also the key responsibilities of Deputy Commissioner of a District. Each district includes one or more cities a few of smaller towns and number of villages. In order to know about key difference must read the heading below will surely clear you the exact difference between Division and District.

Difference Between District And Division In Pakistan


The four provinces of Pakistan are subdivided into administrative heads known as division. These divisions divided into districts tehsils and union councils. Pakistan has five provinces, two Federal Territories, and one autonomous territory. All the five provinces of Pakistan are divided into so many divisions and further into districts, tehsils and union councils. Districts and divisions are quite different from each other. For further information must read the key difference between district and division in Pakistan.

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Key Difference between District and Division

Here are the following points from which you can easily distinguish between District and Division in Pakistan.

District Division
The District is the type of administrative division that is managed by local government in Pakistan Four provinces of Pakistan are subdivided into administrative heads known as division
The chief official of District is called Deputy Commissioner Official of division is called minister
A district is head by collector and composed of four or five revenue divisions Revenue divisions further divided into units known as tehsil headed by the tehsildar.

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