Difference between Highway and Motorway

Today we are going to tell you about the major Difference between Highway and Motorway in Pakistan. No doubt Pakistan has a beautiful network of roads for intercity. Highways and motorways are the names of different roads which provide faster transportation within the important cities in Pakistan. There is a number of similarities between highway and motorways but these are different from each other in some aspects. Basically, the highways refer to a wide range of road networks that connect to different towns and cities intersecting via stop lights. Here below you can find detailed information regarding the Difference between Highway and Motorway.

Difference between Highway and Motorway

Highway Motorway
Highway refers to the system of roads linking to the different important cities to provide high-speed transportation Whereas a motorway is part of a highway linking two or more important cities which provides high-speed traffic transportation without any traffic signals
Usually, the highways have 2 to 4 lanes per road On the other hand, there are only two lanes on motorway roads.
Highways have footpaths and crossways and have traffic signals Whereas motorways do have not any traffic signals and pedestrians are not allowed to cross the road.
In certain types of highways, there are no flyovers But in motorways, there are flyovers for the purpose of railway crossing.
There are 39 national highways running in Pakistan There are 16 national motorways in Pakistan but 11 motorways are operational

Difference between Highway and Motorway

What is a Highway?

The highway is refer to a system of road networks that is connected to different towns and cities. The highways are designed to reach different destinations in Pakistan at high speed. Most highways have 2 lanes and a network of roads intersecting each other. These may vary in design, size, and capacity.

Highways can also accommodate different vehicles like cars, motorcycles, and trucks. But the speed limits on highways may vary slower in rural areas and fastest in urban areas. Highways have different intersections, speed limits, access points, and traffic lights. There are 39 national highways right now running in Pakistan. And the National Highway Authority NHA is responsible for managing these highways in Pakistan.

Here below is the list of some of the major national highways in Pakistan

Grand Trunk National Highway 5

  • N-10 Chamman – Quetta
  • N-25 Quetta – Karachi
  • N-55 Mansehra – Abootabad – Rawal Pindi
  • N- 65 Khanewal – Multan
  • N-75 Gilgit – Skardu
  • N-45 Khanwal – Lahore
  • N-70 Sahiwal – Multan
  • N-85 gilgit – Chitral
  • N-30 Islamabad- Gilgit
  • N-45 Guranwala – Gujrat – Jhelum
  • N-65 Rawalpindi – Murree- Kohala
  • N-70 Sahiwal – Multan

Please note this is not a complete list of national highways in Pakistan. The National Highway Authority NHA is responsible for managing the highways in Pakistan.

What is Motorway?

Motorway is part of a highway network linking two or more cities via an intersection. Motorway is the fastest route to reach your destination within Pakistan. It is totally a controlled access highway. You can say that a motorway is an advanced type and highly protected road chain to reach your destination at a fast speed traveling. Usually, motorways comprise 2 lanes per side. It is the fastest and safe traveling route offering a speed limit from 100 km/h (62mph) to 130km/h (80 mph).

 Different countries are using the M series to number their motorways. The federal motorway and Germany name their motorway number system with the prefix “A”. England uses the M series. Netherlands uses the series with the prefix “A”. Pakistan is also using the M series to name their motorway. There are 16 motorways present in Pakistan but only 11 are in work and the rest of the 5 are under construction and due to be planned.

Here below is the list of major Motorways in Pakistan

  • M1 Motorway Peshawar-Islamabad
  • M2 Motorway Islamabad – Lahore
  • M3 Motorway Pindi Bhattian – Faisalabad
  • M4 Motorway Pindi Bhattian – Multan
  • M5 Motorway Multan – Sukkur
  • M6 Motorway Sukkur – Hyderabad
  • M7 Motorway Hyderabad – Karachi
  • M8 Motorway Ratodero – Gawadar
  • M9 Motorway Karachi -Hyderabad
  • M10 Motorway Karachi –Northern Bypass
  • M11 Motorway Sialkot – Lahore
  • M14 Motorway Islamabad – Rawat
  • M15 Motorway Khanewal – Multan
  • M16 Motorway Naukot -Khuzdar

With the rapid increase in automobiles and for a better transportation system, our government is forced to develop modern types of highways. Highways have a number of lanes and traffic signals, and there is huge traffic run on highways as compared to motorways. Whereas the motorways refer to the part of the highway network which connects two or more two important cities. It is a high-speed route to reach your destinations without any traffic signals. It has two main lanes per road with toll gates. No pedestrians are allowed to cross the roads in the motorway. Hence motorway is the faster mode of travel.

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