Difference Between Jam And Jelly

We are going to see the difference between Jam and Jelly. When we talk about some products made from Fruits preservatives, two things came to our mind including Jam and Jelly. Whether they both are made from almost the same sources i.e. fruits preservatives. Jams and Jellies are common in almost all countries in the world. Both products are mostly liked by children. People of all ages also prefer Jam and Jellies. When we talk about Jam, it is made of different juice and flesh of fruits. After the crushing of fruit, it is then mixed with water and sugar with heat. After this, a mixture is formed which is then sent to containers. There are different recipes used in the whole world for preparing Jam. In the market, a number of Jam flavors are available. The different flavors depending upon the fruits added to it.  On the other hand, Jelly is also made from the juices of different fruits. These fruits are first crushed into small pieces and then it is boiled with water and sugar with a suitable amount of pectin. In order of giving the proper jelly shape to it, a natural thickening agent is used which makes it thick. Different fruits are used for the preparation of jelly.


Jam is a mixture made from different fruits along with a fixed amount of sugar and water. This mixture is then heated. After this step, the product is sent to different containers where a proper shape and composition is given to the Jam. In the production of Jam, different fruits are used which results in a different flavor. In the market, Jam of almost all fruits is available. It has a more fruity taste as compared to Jelly. Its flavors vary from one country to the other country. Every country uses its unique fruits for the production of Jams.

Difference Between Jam And Jelly


Jelly is made from different types of juices of fruits. The fruits are crushed into small pieces. These small pieces are used for the next step where they are boiled with water and sugar. A suitable amount of pectin is also added to it. In case of giving a specific jelly shape, a natural thickening agent is used which makes this product thick. There are a number of types and flavors of jelly is available. Every country uses its own recipe for the production of Jelly. It has slightly less taste of fruits then Jam.

Difference Between Jam And Jelly



The mixture of fruits with water and sugar and then heated. Small pieces of fruits are crushed with water and sugar and then boiled.
It has more taste of fruits. It has less taste of fruits.
Less thick than Jelly More thick than Jam


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