Difference Between MBA And MBA Executive In Pakistan

MBA stands for  Master of Business Administration. It is a post-graduate degree. It makes an expert in managing businesses in all forms – whether it is a small family business or a big company. According to the definition, an MBA (Master of Business Administration) is an internationally accepted  post-graduate level degree that shows the exact Difference Between MBA And MBA Executive In Pakistan

Difference Between MBA And MBA Executive In Pakistan

  • gives practical opportunities through internships, group assignments, group discussions and individual projects to test what students learn in the class
  • bestow a firm theoretical foundation in business concepts
  • develop skills in the field of management and leadership
  • enhances a range of  soft-skills like communication, motivation and negotiation also improves body language
  • set up worldwide opportunities for career growth

In the business studies, students have mostly two options for master degree program i.e. MBA or EXECUTIVE MBA. It is important for the business students to know the difference between MBA and EXECUTIVE MBA.

Difference Between MBA And MBA Executive In Pakistan


It is a master degree program in various academic disciplines. It has 2-year duration degree program having four semesters. It costs more than Executive MBA. It is the advanced business degree which not only covers book knowledge but also makes the students competent. It expedites maturity of there conceptual skills and personal development


This program was initially designed for the senior executives by the UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO in 1943. Now, this program is conducted by various universities worldwide, also in Pakistan. This program has the duration of 2 years with 4 semesters. It costs less than MBA. This program is designed for experienced persons (executives). Executives are those professionals who have no preference for a career break to take a degree of full-time MBA. EMBA applicants possess greater experience. It designs on full-time MBA program.

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EMBA is conducted for those who want to continue study and working side by side. Many universities are offering MBA and EMBA. it is all about the Difference Between MBA And MBA Executive In Pakistan

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