Difference Between Salsa and Picante Sauce

Here we are going to study the difference between Salsa and Picante Sauce. When we talk about food, then it’s the need for everybody to survive. Our body not only needs it to survive but also to grow and become strong. But when we talk about daily routine food, then everyone likes to add some more things that make the food tastier. Different sauces are used in the food to make it more delicious. There are different sauces, for instance, béchamel, Roux, Tomato, Espagnole are the most famous ones. So, Salsa and Picante are one of the best sauces you may know. There is almost the same process for both of them. For instance, the process of making and their taste, are almost the same but different when we talk about spices. Picante is a hot sauce normally made from chopped tomatoes. Have a look down for the difference.

Picante Sauce

The word Picante means “Spicy”. It has the preparation method almost the same as Salsa but it includes more spices that make it hot. It has the very same procedure of preparation as Salsa. So, its name clears us that it is the sauce having more spice. Similarly, it has many flavors. The preparation is just a little change as you have to add a specific amount of spice that will make it hotter.

Difference Between Salsa and Picante Sauce


In Spanish, the word Salsa means “Sauce”. It is one of the most famous sauces. The ingredients to make it includes tomatoes, peppers, spices, tomatillos, and many other things that you want to add. After taking these ingredients, you have to grind them so that a thick sauce will be made. Different blenders are used for this purpose. Although, different countries have their way to make it. It is very important to take care of it during its preparation.

Salsa has a low amount of spices. As when there is a low amount of spices added to it, it is thinner than Picante. It has many types and its flavor varies from one place to another. Every country or region has its ingredients to make Salsa. So, you can get more recipes to make it. Some important types of Salsa include Salsa Verde, Roja, Negra, Ranchera, Cruda, Corn Salsa, and Pico de Gallo. These types are known from different languages. There is a specific method to prepare them.

Difference Between Salsa and Picante Sauce

Salsa Picante
The word Salsa means “Sauce”. Picante means “spicy”.
It is a type of sauce made from tomatoes, peppers, spice, tomatillos as major ingredients. It has the same procedure of production as Salsa.
Salsa is less spicy than Picante. It is more spicy and hot than Salsa.
There are many types of Salsa. It is also a type of Salsa.
It is thinner. Picante is thicker than Salsa.


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