Difference Between Suzuki Mehran And United Bravo

So again you are car lover and looking for something exciting while Difference Between Suzuki Mehran And United Bravo. There are many features directly or indirectly relate to the both models as per the necessary approach. All car lovers must know this thing that car models makes entire new approach as per the demand of the new features for the same car. Some says that United bravo base grade is the new version of the same Suzuki Mehran. Now you will get the feature  vs feature approach. For comparison it is required to consider one version that is VXR Euro III CNG that is latest one. The price is the big difference  because mehran is available in 8 Lac but Bravo is available is 8.5 Lac. There is no review available in the later  model. Now lets starts discussion about the overall length, mehran has 3300 mm length and United bravo is slightly more  in length which is 3350mm.

Difference Between Suzuki Mehran And United Bravo

The other main difference is the overall width. It is considered that mehran was 1405 mm in width but the United Bravo is 1590mm in width. It has overall height that is 1410 mm in height and 1530 mm in case of United Bravo. Physically, there  is major difference as you can  get the  same  in the tabular format as well. The second one is the features  and specifications of both in the same way of exploration.

Difference Between Suzuki Mehran And United Bravo

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 Suzuki Mehran Vs United Bravo

Suzuki Mehran United Bravo
Overall Length is 3300 mm Overall length is 3350  mm
Overall width is 1405 mm Overall width is 1590 mm
Overall Height is 1410 mm Overall Height is 1530 mm
Minimum Turning Radius is 4.4m Minimum Turning Radius is 5.5m
Valve Mechanism is OHC 6 valves Valve Mechanism is SOHC 12 Valves

The wheel base  is same in both brands  which means United Bravo has  something in terms of feature  similarity. He fuel tank capacity is same here  as well. It means you can get almost same car under the new name because  there is no model after the Mehran 2018. It is sure that 18 Liter per  liter is the average fuel consumption. The displacement is almost same. Now you can get the idea about the Difference Between Suzuki Mehran And United Bravo.

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