Difference Between Private School And Government School in Pakistan

Education is one of the important and essential factors in every country of the world. Selection of a perfect school whether it is private or government is somehow difficult. You can easily select the government or a private school by some of the important points through which it can prove beneficiary different. It is very … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Zip Code And Postal Code

In the present world, SMS and E-mail have adversely affected the system of physical and formal mails. People are digitally recognizing now. But most of the official and government communications are still take place through physical and formal mails. Zip Code and Postal Code is the specific codes or pins assigned on the basis of … Read more

What is the Difference Between Senate and Parliament in Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan is establish by the constitution of Pakistan, constitutionally called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Normally the state of affairs of every state is running under the supervision of three institutions or branches, includes executive branch, legislative branch and judiciary branch. All three executive bodies are very responsible and important branches of … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Import And Export Trade

International trade refers to the selling and buying of goods from different countries. Import and Export Both are the most common term use in international trade. Import and export both are very helping in developing the relationship between the different counter and also useful in country‚Äôs development because there is no nation or country which … Read more

What Is Difference Between Earthquake And Tsunami

Earthquake: Earthquake and Tsunami are the natural disasters of nature and responsible for devastation in terms of lives and properties. It is considered the natural disaster responsible for most of the devastation on land and lives. It is the shaking and sudden quivering of some portion of the earth. Earthquake happens due to the changing … Read more