What Is Difference Between PCS And PMS?

The page will explain What Is Difference Between PCS And PMS? The both terms are correlated to each other. PMS stands for Provincial Management Service while PCS stands for provincial Civil Service. Now the discussion starts how both terms relate to each other. The PMS rules 2004 were slightly changes under the Punjab government. The selected officers by the PMS are there in 2005 and 2006. The selected officers are under training after the final recruitment. The PCS term for the same competitive term used before the 2004 major changes.

What Is Difference Between PCS And PMS?

The PCS was the selected selection procedure for the civil service posts in the specific state. The PMS is the test  under  the administrative team of Provincial Public Service Commission PPSC including the SPSC, AJKPSC, PPSC, BPSC and KPPSC.

What Is Difference Between PCS And PMS

These are different bodies allowed to conduct the test named as PMS according to the specific guidelines by every institution separately.

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Abbreviation of provincial Civil Services


Abbreviation of provincial Management Services
PCS is the organization or just like board like SPSC, AJKPSC, PPSC, BPSC and KPPSC PMS exams are held under the specific PCS board as per regions
PCS  institution is responsible for all kinds of BPS 01 to BPS 20 grade jobs province wise. Any graduate with the second division or an eligibility criterion PMS exams are relevant to the
It is just a institution who conduct the test and conduct interview after the test. However, posting, training and appointment It is the exam required for the direct recruitment for the office previously use by the deputy director officer DDO.
PCS still termed as the institution only PMS is the exams where 12 papers of different nature evaluates the capacity of applicant.

The page has discussed and hope you understand the What Is Difference Between PCS And PMS? It is the difference of terms only before the 2004. But after that PCS is institutions and PMS are the exams for the major posts.

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