Difference Between MPA And MNA In Pakistan

What is MPA? MNA and MNA’s are referred to the representative of an assembly. National Assembly or Provincial Assembly is the two legislative bodies of Parliament of Pakistan. MPA is the abbreviation of Member of Provincial Assembly. MPA refers to elected member or representative of Provincial Assembly of the unicameral legislature of Malis-e-Shura. In Pakistan, … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Developed And Developing Countries?

The countries from all over the world are mainly classified into two categories such as developed countries and developing countries. Developed and developing countries are distinguished by various points of success and failures. The development of a particular country may represent the level of its industrial or economic infrastructure. Countries are obviously recognized through their … Read more

Difference Between State Minister And Federal Minister in Pakistan

Both State Minister and Federal Minister are the important ministers of the Parliament of Pakistan. These are the two distinct responsible designations of Parliament with high authority. There are so many differences between state minister and federal minister we are going to reveal here. Federal Minister has more powerful and highly ranked official as compare … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Prime Minister And President in Pakistan

The Prime Minister and President are the most important and responsible posts in the State of every country. But the difference between the prime minister and the president is depending upon the government system of a particular country. Prime Minister is referring to that person who is elect as a principal minister and head of … Read more