Difference Between Amish and Mennonite

Amish refers to a religious community or a group or a protestant Christian in Anabaptist Movement. Here we will discuss the Difference Between Amish and Mennonite. Basically Amish and Mennonites have different religious beliefs. Both are different religions but stem from the same branch of Christian religion originating in the Anabaptist Movement. There is a major or notable difference in their faith and practice. Amish was founded by Jacob Amman who has a strong belief that every sinner should be punished strictly. They are also strict in their church rules, the one is excommunicated who does not follow the church rule whereas Mennonites are not strict in church rules and regulations.

Difference Between Amish and Mennonite

There are so many differences between Amish and Mennonites which are listed below in detail in the table;

Amish groups or protestant Christians originated from Anabaptist Movement. They are conservative in modernism, they believe in separation from world affairs.

Mennonites are also the group that originates from Anabaptist Movement, but the major difference between both of them is the religious belief in which they believe in wider society

The major difference between Amish and Mennonites is the way of living, lifestyle, and tradition. They live in a rural way of living and earn their livelihood from farming and woodworking skill. Amish avoid using any latest or modern technology such as electricity, motorbikes, cars, etc. They use buggies and other older means of transportation

Mennonites are modern and familiar with the latest technology such as cars, and electricity, and they are users of cell phones also and prefer wider society and modern community.

Amish have strict codes of dressing such as they wear plain clothing without any buttons or patterns on it.

On the other hand, Mennonites are diverse and modern in their clothing styles.

Amish lives in communities or group Mennonites live in the normal population

Amish group or a community is very strict to follow their church rules and one is excommunicated who does not follow the church rule and restrictions.

On the other hand, Mennonites are free in decision-making and free from the restriction of following any church rule.

The founder of the Amish is Jacob Amman Whereas the founder of Mennonites is a Dutch Priest Menno Simons

Amish and Mennonites religion:

Amish people are very far from modern and latest technologies while on the other hand, Mennonites are the user of modern and latest technologies such as cars, electricity, and telephones. They like to engage their selves in farming and other traditional trades.

Moreover, Mennonites have no dress code they wear clothes according to their choices and modern trends on the other hand Amish wear plain clothes with no pattern or buttons. Amish and Mennonites are different due to their lifestyle, technology, dress, religious beliefs, religious practices, and church structure. You can learn about the unique and interesting qualities of these two religions.

Amish Lifestyle, Religion, and Rules:

Amish is actually a religious community or a group of protestant Christians who originated in the Anabaptist movement in the 16th century. It is a group or a community who have a different religious belief. It was founded by Jacob Amman who believe that every sinner should be punished strictly or hard. Amish believe in simple life far away from modern world affairs. They believe in living a rural way of life and earning their livelihood from farming, carpentry, and woodworking skills. Amish are non-familiar with the modern and latest technology and prefer the old or rural way of living. They use buggies and scooters and horses for their transportation instead of motor vehicles or cars. This group is also conservative in dressing such as they only wear plain clothes without any pattern or button. They believe to live a life of faith and simplicity without interacting with modern world affairs.

Difference Between Amish and Mennonite

Mennonite Lifestyle and Origin:

Mennonites are also a group or a community of the Anabaptist Movement in the 16th century. The name Mennonite originates from their leader name Menno Simons who was a Dutch priest who had started the Anabaptist Movement.

Difference Between Amish and Mennonite

Actually, the notable difference between the Amish and Mennonites is their religious belief and practices. They believe in modernism and are familiar users of all latest and modern technologies, such as cars, motorbikes, and cell phones. They are diverse in wearing clothes according to modern trends and their choices. There so many Mennonites groups are living in the US. After reading this article you understood about Difference Between Amish and Mennonite.

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