Time Difference Between Pakistan And Afghanistan

Time Difference Between Pakistan And Afghanistan

Pakistan is 30 minutes ahead of Afghanistan

Time difference between Pakistan and Afghanistan is 30 minutes only. For example, of 2:00 PM on Thursday in Pakistan then it would be 1:30 PM on Thursday in Afghanistan. The historical moments in Afghanistan make it history oriented and focus that how everything is possible to measure according to the time zone. The timezone difference proves the cultural and value system difference.  Most of the traders of clothes, carpets, unique things collectors used to visit Afghanistan for the purpose of trading. It is nice to share here the reflection of things in Pakistan. You could be the regular traveller as well trader for one time.

Time Difference Between Pakistan And Afghanistan

You must keep in mind that US forces still exist in Afghanistan which is country in South Asia with Kabul as capital. The condition of Afghanistan is not suitable for regular visits only if you have close relations or family members over there. Recently, Afghanistan announces unconditional ceasefire just after the peace meeting with Taliban. US air war in Afghanistan is another agile threat. It would important for the region of Afghanistan to come under the required way which makes factor analysis as best as possible.

Time Difference Between Pakistan And Afghanistan

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Landlocked country located within South Asia make attractive for traders observing business opportunities after even such circumstances. The recent news about the UAE and Afghanistan tie came into being that UAE to send troops to Afghanistan on training mission. It is another thing that either military forces welcomed in Afghanistan or not. It has been reporting since many years that Afghanistan is failing to fight corruption. It makes a big debate in political corridors.

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