Time Difference Between Pakistan And China Beijing

Time Difference Between Pakistan And China Beijing

china Beijing is 3 hours ahead of Pakistan

The page specially design for the time difference between pakistan and china Beijing which is 3 hours difference. If there is 12:30 PM of Friday in Pakistan then there would be 3:30 PM of friuday in China Beijing. China time zone GMt is GMT+8  and Pakistan time zone GMT is GMT+5. According to the coordinated universal time UTC, it is about UTC+5 for Pakistan and UTC+8  of china. China time zone abbreviation is CST in writing and reading. Remember Cuba Standard time has same abbreviation with UTC-5. There are many places need to visit in China including the Forbidden city in Beijing and Tianamen Square in the same city.

Time Difference Between Pakistan And China Beijing

If you want to visit Shanghai then you have to go through the details of places you may visit in Shanghai. The bund, Shopping or Skyscrapers are famous in this region. Zian big wild Gpoose, pagoda and Terra Cotta is another beautiful place to visit. The Gilin with Karst hills , cedar lake and twin pagodas are also renowned places to visit in china. Chengdu known for spicy cuisine, Jinsha siute museum.

Time Difference Between Pakistan And China Beijing

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Artificats and giant panda center are some of the recreational places to visit in china. The Guangzhou is the place having modern architecture and colonial homes on Shamian island.  Hangzhou is the place where expansive west lake will attract you to stay there for long time. Suzhou is the city with the historical canals with the lingering garden and pagodas. Suzhou museum linked with recreational aspect. It link to the Yangshuo County known for the hiking, biking and rafting aspect. Lijiang known for the 1300s town center with Naxi heritage as attractive thing to viist in china.

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