What Is The Difference Between Weather And Climate Change

Weather and Climate are the variations of time in the state of the atmosphere. Both Weather and Climate refer to the separate terms which may be affected by the following elements such as humidity, Temperature, Cloudiness, Air Pressure, Precipitation and Wind Velocity etc.  Weather and Climate is the intricate phenomenon. Weather and Climate changes demonstrate us the variation in an atmosphere with respect to time. Weather is an atmospheric change or condition of time for the short period in a region and Climate indicates the weather patterns for the long time period. There is a huge What Is The Difference Between Weather And Climate Change which we are going to discuss below in detail with key differences between them.

What is Weather?

Weather is referred to the short-term variations in the state of the atmosphere. It also refers to the daily atmospheric conditions and in its various elements such as humidity, precipitation, temperature, wind velocity, and air pressure etc. It plays an important role in our daily life because of most of our work done under the suitable circumstances of weather. Perfect weather forecasting is considered very tough task to measure because most of the predictions or forecasting regarding weather proves opposite e-g a sunny day on which no concept of rainfall is assumed suddenly rainfall occurs, so we may conclude from this example that the continues variations in atmospheric condition for a short period are known as weather.

What is Climate?

Climate alludes to the standard pattern of weather of a particular place, taken over a long period of time. We can say that Climate is the statistical information regarding weather but it doesn’t show or indicates the weather changes occurring on the daily, hourly or weekly basis. There are mainly two factors on which Climate affected greatly such as Temperature and Precipitation and also many other factors which are indirectly responsible for Climate Change. the standard length of time used to ascertain the climate of an area is 30 years.


What Is The Difference Between Weather And Climate Change

What Is The Difference Between Weather And Climate Change

Key What Is The Difference Between Weather And Climate Change:


Weather Climate
Weather refers to the average atmospheric state or condition of a region Climate refers to the continuous change is the state of the atmosphere of specific areas
Weather represents the atmospheric conditions for short period of time in geographical region Weather  represents that the atmosphere acts in what ways for a long period of time


Weather is highly affected by following elements such as humidity, temperature, Pressure, Cloudiness etc Climate is affected by temperature and precipitation.


Weather varies constantly climate does not vary constantly
The study of weather is called Meteorology Study of Climate is the called as Climatology
Weather is assessed for a short period such as a day or a week or maybe an hour but climate is assessed for a long period of time such as for many years

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