Difference Between Android And Windows Smartphone

Innovations and technologies are taking place with pulse rate in mobile phones with unique features and application. A mobile phone must need any operating system to operate. Both Android and windows are the operating systems (OS) of Smartphone. Both these operating systems have it own strengths and weaknesses. But there is some prominent difference between both Android and Windows Smartphone which we are going to discuss below in detail with a key difference. Keep reading this article until the end will probably help you in this regard.

Difference Between Android And Windows Smartphone

Android Smartphone:

Android is an application of the operating system of Smartphone developed by Google. It is used by a variety of mobile phone manufacturing companies. Android Smartphone has open source operating system which means that any manufacturer can use it in their phones at free of cost or charge. So that’s why it is called the fire source, open and Linux-Based operating system for a smartphone with latest and unique features. You can further find the detail difference in below listed the key difference between Android and Windows Smartphone.

Windows Smartphone:

Windows phones are the series of proprietary software developed and marketed by the Microsoft Corporation. Windows phone features a new user interface derived from Metro Designed Language. The features of Window Smartphone are input Text with spell check, word prediction, inserting emoticons using an on-screen virtual keyboard, allows you to maintain the favorite web pages and tiles linking to web pages , contacts are organized in people hub and the contacts live tile describes their social network status and the status profile on home screen. It supports Outlook.com, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail, Exchange another service also. Multimedia, media support, games, search, carton, office suite, multitasking, sync, latest versions, updates etc are the common features of windows phones.

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Difference Between Android And Windows Smartphone

Key Difference between Android and Windows Smartphone

Android Smartphone Windows Smartphone
Android is an open source software in while coding is freely available Windows Smartphone is a close source, it is owned and managed by the Microsoft and developers has no direct access to programming codes
User Interface is one of the key difference between Android and Windows Smartphone, Android Smartphone has to interface multiple home screens that can be fully customized with widgets and short-cuts The windows Smartphone have single home screen populated with live tiles
Android Smartphone is more popular than windows Smartphone Windows Smartphone least popular than Android Smartphone
There is huge number of Android phones offered by multiple device manufacturers There are only a few windows operating Smartphone manufacturers are working such as Microsoft
The android clearly wins the app market with over one million apps The window Smartphone only has 160,000 apps
In term of security measure, we can say that the windows phones are more secure than the Androids In term of security measure, we can say that the windows phones are more secure than the Androids

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