Difference Between Dam And Barrage

Difference Between Dam And Barrage shall be explained here at this page. It means after read out the complete content you will get the idea about what is Dam and What is Barrage. Both have their own approach towards the storage of water and production of electricity. Dam cannot build without spillway. Dam is highest consideration across a rover valley that makes the deep storage reservoir. The surplus of water is not allowed to flow over the dam. Whenever it flows, flows through spillways along dam.

It is not necessary to build spillways rather it is mandatory only when dam has over flow frequently. Barrage has different adjustable gates to allow water of different levels in different timings. It is not fixed like dam. There are some similarities between Dam And barrage. Dam and barrage both are being constructed on river to maintain the flow of river that is big benefit to save the land from drastic effects water over flow. The generating electricity is purpose of both dam and barrage. Most of the countries consider constructing dam and barrage for diverting water to canal for irrigation. Hope now you get enough information to present you Difference Between Dam And Barrage In Points. Consider below table for

Key Difference Between Dam And Barrage

Difference Between Dam And Barrage

Dam Barrage
It has spillways for over flow It has gates for the smooth diversion of water
The storage of water with concrete structure Banks of barrage covered with gates to let flow water in proper way and different timings
The storage of water with height of the gate Bottom level of gates touching the river bed
The storage of water depends upon the height of concrete structure Water resistance depends upon the height of its gates
It used for storage of water It used for diversion of water

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It is all about the way forward to know the reality between the construction of dam and construction of barrage that clarify Difference Between Dam And Barrage shown already at this page. If you have any other info to share in comment in box.

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