Difference Between IQ And EQ

Difference Between IQ And EQ will make you place where you can feel as knowledge explorer. For the first time, readers who want to know about the IQ and EQ in detail must get in touch with the basic understanding before involvement in any kind of debate about the comparison chart. Identification, evaluation, controlling and expression emotions directly deal with emotional intelligence or emotional quotient means EQ. The higher the EQ in personality means higher chances for the successful career. Most of the world leaders and team players grasp their success due to the higher EQ level over there. There are three big characteristics of such personalities. The first one understanding, second about empathizing and third about connecting with the people. Whenever three characteristics present in a personality means he is an ultimate endorser of Emotional Quotient. ForĀ Difference Between Preschool And Nursery School In Pakistan

The further explanation requires about the Difference Between IQ And EQ. The second term uses in further reading know as intelligence quotient means IQ. The individual intelligence is the big point to know before showing EQ at the workplace. Several standardized tests are important to explore the IQ level of the individual. IQ directly deals with the academic approach of the personality. EQ represents the practical approach of the individual about his attitude in the later career life. So, we can sum up the point that EQ about the career orientation and IQ means the academic way out. Highest IQ means a person can solve many intelligence and mental challenges and EQ means the best indicator of success at the workplace level.

Difference Between IQ And EQ

Key Difference Between IQ And EQ

Emotional Quotient Intelligence Quotient
Identification, assessment and controlling of emotions Score game derived from several intelligence tests
Identification, Evaluation and controlling of emotions of oneself or others directly available in that environment Learning, understanding and applying information to skills
Such person shows teamwork, leadership and successful relations at workplace The person has success with highest complex tasks only. Research and developments are key approaches.
Personality ideally dealing with social challenges Personality ideally dealing with mental challenges


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