Difference Between LGS And LGS Landmark

Difference Between LGS And LGS Landmark shall explain here at this page. It means the purpose of the page is to provide the key differences that every student and parents want to know. Parents are concerned that either LGS Landmark is the original LGS or under the observation of LGS or not. Students show concern that either the affiliation of LGS Landmark would be same as compare to the affiliation of LGS school. It is the primary approach we are sharing with our users to makes things certain with respect to the LGS Landmark. Most of the parents like to select Landmark project rather LGS due to the fee fact only.

It is nice and justified the reason for them to make it happened accordingly. Difference Between LGS And LGS Landmark explained well here at this page so that parents can get the latest cost and benefit analysis. The type of co-educational institutions committed to offering quality education to middle-income families without making any discrimination. Parents are looking for such places for their offspring that may provide the clear approach with respect to the Difference Between LGS And LGS Landmark. You will get the key differences here in the table form so that nobody can misguide you about the real-time difference.

Key Difference Between LGS And LGS Landmark

Difference Between LGS And LGS Landmark

LGS LGS Landmark
Student Leadership with Roll of Honor, Middle School, Senior School, Student Council, Editorial Board Non-refundable fee for registration
Bullying Proof School Refundable Security
respect to people around us and respect for our environment Non Refundable admission fee
Three Tiered Learning Format Social, Economic and Cultural Rs.25/- Per day charged after due date
World-Class Learning Environment Rs.100/- per duplicate card will be charged if ID card is misplaced
Participation in Sport, Music and Drama with curricular activities Class performance, Class tests and Monthly tests are pre requisites for promotion within class


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