Difference between Mortar and Concrete

Here we are going to study the Difference between Mortar and Concrete. When we talk about the modern world, we realize that it is developing day by day and the progress towards inventions also has a high speed. This progress is not only seen in technologies and machines, but the buildings and other things are also becoming better than before. From a single floor, now the Engineers are trying to build big buildings. Different designs are made to make them prettier. To make big buildings, the most important thing is the strength of raw materials used in its construction. In this case, cement, Mortar, and Concrete play an important role. If you will use a better one, it will help the building to survive for more than a century. So, here we are going to study the difference between Mortar and concrete. Scroll down to have a look at it.


It is a paste that is added between the bricks or stones to attach them and to fill the gaps and blanks between them. It then dries and becomes harder to attach one thing with the other. Mortar is normally added with cement that makes it stronger and helps it to attach two elements strongly. In comparison with Concrete, it is less strong. So, it is normally used to hold bricks and small stones. The second thing for what it is used is to fill the gaps between the bricks. It reaches every blank place and covers it very well. There are different types of Mortar available in the market. These may be more or less hard. So, you have to choose the right one because it may cause some problems if not used properly.

Difference between Mortar and Concrete


It is a material used to bind and holds slabs, walls, and other similar elements. When it is applied to the material, it looks very soft and simple at first. After some time, when it dries out, it becomes so hard to attach and hold that material. It is made of water, gravel, cement, and sand and after mixing well it is applied to any element. Concrete is many times harder than mortar and normally used for big purposes in big buildings. In the market, different types of concrete are present. Each one is for a big purpose and the other for small projects.

Difference between Mortar and Concrete

Mortar Concrete
It is used in small projects to attach bricks. It is used to attach and hold slabs, walls.
Mortar is composed of Water, cement, and sand. It is composed of water, gravel, cement, and sand.
It is less hard than concrete. Concrete is harder than mortar.
Mortar is normally used in small projects like making small houses. Due to its hardness, it is used in big projects like in big buildings.
It is less flexible. Concrete is more flexible.
Other uses include stopping the fire. It is also used in the building of bridges.


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