Difference Between Naan and Roti

Here we are going to have a look at the difference between Naan and Roti. When we talk about different foods, then every country and even every region has its own taste. The foods are also dependent upon the cultures and climate of that region. For instance, in cold regions, the people of that specific area used to eat hot food to keep their bodies warm. Similarly, those living in warm places eat cold drinks and similar foods. Although, every country has its own traditions and cultures they also try to taste other foods. Through this, food from a specific region is now also available in other regions. When we talk about Asian foods, then the complete continent is famous for it. Especially, the sub-continent region has no second.

So, there are several dishes that they have revealed in the last decades. The top dishes include Biryani, Nehari, Chapati, Dosa, Bengali Fish, and a lot more. When we talk about chapatti, then there are many extensions in them. But the top of them is Naan, Sheermal, Taftan, Paratha, and others. They all are made from flatbread and after adding some specific ingredients, they form an entirely new one. So, have a look down for the difference between Naan and Roti.


The word “Naan” is originated from Persia. It is made from simple flatbread. There is no single recipe for Naan as every region has its own recipe and procedure to make it. There are different forms of Naan.

(a) In West Asia

In Iran, Naan-e-taftun, Sangak, barbari are famous.

(b) In South Asia

It is one of the most common and important parts of food in South Asia. It is made from a simple chapatti in South Asia, and then the ingredients including yeast, baking powder, ghee/butter, or meat/vegetables are added. The most important and famous types of Naan are Afghani Naan, Butter Garlic Naan, Paneer Naan, and some others. So, they are widely liked in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

Difference Between Naan and Roti


It is simply a chapatti that has the other name Roti in Sub-continent. The word Rotti is derived from Sanskrit. It has several forms. Have a look down for its importance by region.

(a) Indian Sub-continent

In this region, it is eaten with curry. It is normally made on tandoor (oven) or Tawa (a flat iron griddle) and both of them have a unique taste. Different types of Rotti include Paratha, Tandoori Roti, Rumali Roti, Bajhar Ji, and Porotta.

(b) Asia

Roti is also common in many Asian countries including Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. There are several verities found in these regions.

(c) The Caribbean

Roti is a very common thing in the regions including Jamaica, Barbados, and others in the Caribbean.  There are different ingredients that they use to make it more delicious. The most important are Sada roti, Paratha roti, Puri, Aloopuri. So, it is well-known in this region.

Difference Between Naan and Roti

Naan Roti
It is originated in Persia. The word Roti is derived from Sanskrit.
It is made from simple flatbread. It is simply a type of chapatti.
Every region has a unique taste of Naan. It also has several verities.
It is most common in South Asia and West Asia. Roti is preferred in Asia, the Indian sub-continent, and the Caribbean.
The important Naans include Naan-e-taftun, Barbari, Afghani Naan, and Paneer Naan. The most famous types of Roti are Paratha, Rumali Roti, Sada Roti, and Tandoori roti.

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