Difference between Quarantine and Isolation for Covid-19

Here we are going to talk about the Difference between Quarantine and Isolation for Covid-19. It is an unfortunate thing that the year 2020 is better known as the year of Coronavirus. Everyone knows about this virus so we are not going to talk about its introduction here. During the severe time when the pandemics were at their peak, everyone was trying to maintain social distance and don’t go outside without any serious reason. The situation was challenging, and it is also tough at present in many regions. All the governments requested the public to self-isolate them and prohibited them from public gatherings. So, here two important points are Quarantine and Isolation. You may have heard both of these words many times during lockdown. But do you know the Difference between Quarantine and Isolation for Covid 19? Here you will get the main differences that you will get here.


Quarantine is the process of separating yourself from the public if you have met a person who has Covid-19. If you are having some symptoms of COVID-19, you need to quarantine yourself. The period for Quarantine is usually 14 days. During this period, he is quarantined at his home where he cannot meet other people.

Difference between Quarantine and Isolation for Covid-19


Separating a person who has COVID-19 from other people is Isolation. The patient has to stay in the Isolation centers present in Hospitals. The main reason for isolating them is to keep them away from other people because the patient is at the stage where the virus can easily transfer to the other person. So, staying in Isolation gives recovery to the person and he has chances to come back to normal life. The time period of Isolation depends upon the health of that person.

Difference between Quarantine and Isolation for Covid-19

Keeping yourself away from public contact if you have met with a COVID positive person. Keeping someone having Covid-19 away from other people.
If someone facing some symptoms of COVID-19, he can quarantine himself. A person is isolated after a COVID-19 positive test whether he has those symptoms or not.
The period of Quarantine is usually 14 days. The person has to isolate himself till recovery from COVID-19.
You can quarantine yourself at your home. For Isolation, it is good to use isolation centers at hospitals.
After quarantine, stay at home and avoid contact with others. After isolation, stay in quarantine for 10 days at home.
During quarantine, don’t interact with other family members. Don’t interact with anyone.


As the corona cases are increasing day by day and that’s because of our own carelessness, it is the need of the hour to take it seriously. Although the situation is good in several regions, it is increasing again and the world is now facing the second wave of Covid-19. So, we should follow the precautions like using a mask, washing hands properly, and avoiding social contact. Hopefully, you got the important points about the Difference between Quarantine and Isolation for Covid-19.

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