Difference Between Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

There are two important terms used in English speech that is verbal and nonverbal communication and here you will get the Difference between Verbal and Nonverbal Communication. When we talk about expressing your ideas or thinking which you want to deliver to your audience or someone you are talking to, then verbal and Nonverbal Communications are the two main types. During a speech, the orator wants to impress his audience. For this, he uses good words, expressions, the flow of words, good ideas, and he delivers what the audience wants. These are some good things that will make your speech good. Similarly, during a conversation, different things make your talk very clear to the listener. Other than your words, if you are showing a good expression, the listener will welcome your talk and will be entertained in a good way. For this, Verbal and Nonverbal Communication has an important role.

Check out the differences between these two communication types.

Difference Between Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

Verbal Communication

In this type of communication, you express your thinking with the help of your words. It is simply talking to anyone or presenting your speech with the only use of words or auditory language to show your emotions and thinking. It is formal as well as an informal type of communication. For example, talking to someone using only words or speech.

Nonverbal Communication

To express your thinking or your expressions, you can also use gestures, emotions, and eye or body movement. It is called Nonverbal Communication. The simple explanation of Nonverbal Communication is representing your imagination to the other person without the use of any word or speech. Your face and body language play an important role in this type of communication and that is the most affecting thing.

Difference between Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

Verbal                                                                     Nonverbal
Using words or speech to express your feelings, thinking, and emotions Showing your thoughts and expressions using gestures and emotions only without the use of any word or speech
Clear for most of the audience Sometimes clear and sometimes confusing
Needed to attract the audience with your voice Used to attract the audience using your expressions and gestures
Formal as well as Informal Informal


Well, both of these types are very important types of communication. But when you want to express your feelings or thinking, you may need to have a powerful speech or powerful use of words but on the other hand, if you also have powerful expressions and emotions, the listener will easily get your words and your point of view. In many cases, expressions are like the key factor that makes your word easily understandable to the listener.

So, this is all about the Difference between Verbal and Nonverbal Communication. Hopefully, you got the meaning and importance of each type.

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