Difference Between Rich And Poor In Pakistan

Here is Difference Between Rich And Poor In Pakistan explained in detail.

Rich defines as:

The person having abundant possessions especially material wealth, high moral values, qualities, traditions, customs. Etc.

Mindset plays an important and basic role to become rich and successful. Richest mindset leads towards successful lifestyle financial abundance and fulfills the person desires.

Difference Between Rich And Poor In Pakistan

Difference Between Rich And Poor In Pakistan

Poor defines as:

The person lacking possessions especially material wealth, moral values, inferior in quality, traditions, customs. Etc.

Mindset plays an important and basic role to become poor and successful. Passive mindset zero determination lead towards unsuccessful behavior and deprivation among people.

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The key difference between rich and poor:

  • Rich people play the money game to win. poor people play the money game to not lose
  • Rich people are devoted to being rich. Poor people strive hard to be rich.
  • Poor people always fight for the money. Rich people strive to get more money.
  • You become emotionally, spiritually richer when you help others, when you don’t help others you become emotionally poor.
  • Rich people focus on new chances. Poor people mainly focus on hurdles.
  • Rich people’s main focus on bonus and award while poor people just focus on dark sides of situation and risks.
  • Rich people notice potential growth while poor people notice the potential
  • Rich people have passion, game changers, situation promoters, hard workers, solution-oriented, and enthusiasm while poor people are passive and their main focus is to avoid problems not to face the problem
  • Rich people have firm believe in themselves have strong decision power while poor people need a shoulder for support.
  • Rich people are fearless while in poor people fear become a great hurdle to achieve any target.
  • Rich people have money to strive hard, poor people work hard to get enough money to fulfill their basic needs.
  • Rich people believe in themselves poor people depend on others.
  • Rich people create their lives while poor people depend that life happens to them.
  • Poor people focus on obstacles while rich people focus on opportunities.
  • Rich people dream big, daring and bold poor people think small, coward and cannot take risks.
  • Rich people associate rich successful and motivated people and poor people are associated with sluggish people.
  • Rich people are good learners excellent picking and understanding power, poor people lack these type of abilities.
  • Rich people are committed to their dreams, fixed their goals while poor people have no dreams and no goals. They just focus on getting basic needs.
  • In fact being rich or poor its just a game of mindset, every person born with greater thinking power, physical power. A person strives more get more. it is all about the Difference Between Rich And Poor In Pakistan explained throughout.

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