Difference Between Suzuki Swift And Suzuki Celerio

Suzuki Swift:

Selecting the car is a daunting issue due to invention and technology in cars. Suzuki Swift is a hatchback which really gaining huge popularity since its ramp into the market. Its advanced features make it popular and famous among people. Suzuki Swift and Suzuki Celerio are the two famous cars of brand Suzuki and here are the Difference Between Suzuki Swift And Suzuki Celerio. Both the cars we can say that is average in terms of luxury. But Suzuki Swift is more expensive that Celerio. Swift has better interiors and exterior as compared to Celerio. Swift is perfect as a comparison with Suzuki Celerio. But celerio has better mileage than swift. There are some mutual points in both cars but also different from some important points which we are going to describe under. Here below you can easily find the detail Difference Between Suzuki Swift And Suzuki Celerio. Keep reading this article until the end will surely help you in this regard.

Suzuki Celerio:

Suzuki Celerio is a city car produced by the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki. The Celerio is India’s first car with an automatic gear shift called EZ Drive. The gearbox is basically is a manual transmission with a transmission control unit TCU that usually actuates the hydraulics to shift the gears. It comes in six shining colors such as Cerulean Blue, Blazing Red, Pearl Arctic White, Sunshine Ray, Silky Silver, and Glistening Grey. It is less expensive than Suzuki Swift but has better mileage than Suzuki Swift. Its transmission is 5-speed manual and semi automatic CVT. For further detail difference must take a look to the Key Difference Between Suzuki Swift And Suzuki Celerio listed below;

Difference Between Suzuki Swift And Suzuki Celerio

Key Difference between Suzuki Swift and Suzuki Celerio

Following are the main points which can easily clear you a Difference Between Suzuki Swift And Suzuki Celerio. We measure both these at following points

Length: The length of Suzuki Swift is 3755mm while the length of Suzuki Celerio is 3600mm

Width: The width of Suzuki Swift 1690mm whereas the overall width of Suzuki Celerio is 1600mm

Wheelbase: The Wheelbase of Suzuki Swift is 2450mm on the other hand the Wheelbase of Suzuki Celerio is 2425 mm.

Power Output: The power output of Suzuki Swift is 82 bhp@ 6000rmp whereas the power output of Suzuki Celerio 67 bhp@ 6000rmp

Engine: The Engine of Suzuki Swift is K-Series Petrol Engine with VVT whereas the Engine of Suzuki Celerio is K10B Aluminium

Torque: The torque of Suzuki Swift is 113 Nm@4200 rpm whereas the torque of Suzuki Celerio is 90 [email protected] rpm

Ground Clearance: The Ground Clearance of Suzuki Swift is 163 mm whereas the Ground Clearance of Suzuki Celerio is 165 mm.

Number of Cylinder: There are 4 cylinders in Suzuki Swift whereas there are 3 cylinders in Suzuki Celerio.

Price: The price of Suzuki Swift is lying from PKR 13 lakh to 15 lakh whereas the price of Suzuki Celerio is PKR 12,00,000.

Resale Price: The Suzuki Swift has better resale price as compared to Celerio.

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