Difference Between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

We are going to discuss the difference between Traditional and Digital Marketing. In the modern era, the marketing is made very easy. However, it is a big company or a small company, the marketing is going through media. Nowadays, big companies use different TV adds, Radio adds, newspaper advertising and so many other ways to promote their name. Small companies or shops are also advertising through Billboards, Social media advertisements and so many other ways for promotions. These promotions help them to attract customers. In this social media era, marketing can be done through Traditional or Digital ways. Traditional Marketing is done through radio and TV ads, billboards advertisements, through mails and others. While Digital Marketing is done through different Webs, Social websites, Advertising on Google and others. So, have a look at the differences:

Traditional Marketing

In this type, marketing is done through different TV and Radio ads, advertisements through billboards, Through mails and many other ways. The reach of people on this marketing is low.  This advertisement do not require the internet to access the ads. But in this type of marketing, if you want to change the previous ad and want to change it, then you will have to make a new one except for editing it. The advertisement can’t reach very far. But it costs very less as compared to other types of marketing.
Difference Between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

This marketing is done through different webs, social websites, Advertising on Google and some other ways. This marketing requires internet access. It also costs much as compared to the traditional one. But the reach of the people on this marketing his higher. As this is the era of digital working, so this marketing gets more customers. Through this marketing, your advertisements reach all over the world. You can also track your ads through digital marketing. But there is a disadvantage that the errors may occur in this marketing.

Differences Between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing
Done through TV and radio ads, billboards, mails. Done through webs, social websites, advertising on Google.
The reach of people is low. The reach of people is high.
Marketing doesn’t require internet access. Requires the internet for marketing.
Costs less. Costs more.
Advertisements reach up to a specific area. Advertisement reaches globally.
Errors not occur. Errors may occur.
Advertisement can’t be changed easily. Ads can be changed easily.


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