Difference Between Whatsapp And Viber

Mobile apps are developing day by day with modifications and new technologies. Both WhatsApp and Viber are the most popular Smartphone Mobile Apps. Both accomplish so many similar tasks and also dissimilar to some extent. SMS is the instant and fastest way to send or deliver your message through a mobile but with the invention of IM applications, the SMS technology is replaced with these chat platforms. It also allows you to send videos and pictures. IM technologies are become the important part of people and become a necessity for users. Here below you can easily find the difference between WhatsApp and Viber we are going to compare both in detail.

Difference Between Whatsapp And Viber


WhatsApp is an IM application. It is frequently used since last few years. It is very simple and easy to handle. WhatsApp is an excellent features IM app. It costs nothing for the 1st year of use but after a year, however, you have to pay $0.99. It’s messaging and calling experience is more rewarding than Viber. It is one of the most popular apps all over the globe due to its features. One of the best features of WhatsApp is group chat. You can also able to share your videos and images as a status of your contacts on WhatsApp. This messaging app is also helpful for texting abroad or international level.


Viber is also a messaging or calling app to your friends all around the world. It is an IM application with white and purple colored interface for all platforms. The user has to provide phone number while launching the app on this phone, the Viber send you can verification SMS for the authentication of your device. It is now also capable of supporting video calls. There are two basic menus in Viber. Its features also include photo sharing, audio and videos sharing and you can also able to share location or map on it. It also supports group chat up to hundred people. Best large collection of stickers is available. Audio and video call result is awesome. For further difference must read the below listed key difference between WhatsApp and Viber!

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Difference Between Whatsapp And Viber

Key Difference between WhatsApp and Viber:

WhatsApp and Viber have most of the similarities but are different from some points listed below;

Whatsapp Viber
WhatsApp costs nothing when you download it from iTunes You have to pay $0.99 using after one year of this app whereas Viber is totally free for all type of platforms.
WhatsApp doesn’t take too much bandwidth Viber takes too much bandwidth for voice and video calling
WhatsApp is owned by Facebook Inc Viber is owned by Viber Media
WhatsApp is considered to be simple and efficient user interface Viber is considered as an unrefined user interface.

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