Time Difference Between Pakistan And Saudi Arabia

There is a time difference between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and the exact time is Pakistan is 2 hours ahead of Saudi Arabia. It means if there is 03:50 PM on Monday In Pakistan then it would be 01:50 PM on Monday in Saudi Arabia. Pakistan time according to the KSA converter would be the same if measured accurately. The PKT is the short name for Pakistan standard time used locally. It is plus 5 hours ahead of the coordinated universal time UTC. It is the standard time used in Asia. The email codification will show the same UTC offset.

Time Difference Between Pakistan And Saudi Arabia

The GMT offset is the same 3 with 5 hours ahead of the standard time for Asian countries. Pakistan’s weather depends upon the date, time, and season. It affects the time zone and makes a difference. The shortest distance between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia is 2505 Km or 1557 miles. The high response time medium makes it the longest or shortest distance accordingly.


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Pakistan’s starting point is located at (33.7,73.167) and the ending point is Saudi Arabia which is located at 24,672, 46,713). These make the time difference in the zone. Which is the pre-approach of this page. The page will give you information that how both countries are different with respect to norms and values. That cultural aspect represents accordingly.

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