Difference Between Climate Of Murree And Quetta

Difference Between Climate Of Murree And Quetta will explain here at this page. As a reader you wants to get trip guidance and selection between Quetta and Murree. Normally, people search for such information never explained about the way out that is going to explore through the defined approach. The below given reading explained that how 735 KM difference actually makes big Difference Climate Of Murree And Quetta. Murree has subtropical highland climate and normally dry winters makes it significant as compare to other places. On the other hand, Quetta has a mid latitude cool steppe climate. Murree exists subtropical highland climate that show dry winters. Quetta on contrary is the warm temperate desert scrub biome.


Quetta is known as desert scrub biome that is xeric shrubland. Quetta is the same type occasionally very dry. Shrubs and animals  are various kinds makes extra ordinary protection for drought. Quetta has large amount of shrubs making landscape rough and scrubby with unique ecosystem and climate. Tons of biodiversity and cool features makes Quetta climate most pleasant. It is scenic that water quickly evaporates from the soil in Summer climate in Quetta. Quetta has less than 50cm per year rain. Climate of quetta shows maximum figures like 43.5 to 49 temperature. Further, temperature sometimes shows the minimum range that drops up to -18 degree.


subtropical moist forest biome means Murree has normal 30 to 35 in summer. According to the subtropical moist forest biome features it has abundant rainfall in summers. Most of the time, Murree is the humid place with extra ordinary warmth in summer. Murree climate in Winters at the point where it is known as sub freezing weather. Occasionally it shows influence of warm tropical ocean currents.

Difference Between Climate Of Murree And Quetta

Difference Between Climate Of Murree And Quetta

Murree Quetta
The extreme maximum ranges from 20-27° C. The extreme maximum ranges from 43.5-49° C.
Minimum temperatures sometimes drop to -0.3° C Minimum temperatures sometimes drop to -18° C
Max rainfall 290 mm in july Max rainfall in Feb 50mm
Minimum Rainfall 27 mm in Nov minimum rainfall in September 0 mm

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