Difference Between DPO And SSP In Pakistan

Difference Between DPO And SSP In Pakistan shall be explained here at this page. There are differences going to explain at this page. First we talk introductory information about the DPO. Then we will talk about the SSP. SSP is the name of same DPO position in small cities. SSP normally has same rank in big cities as DPO in small cities in Pakistan. For example, SSP Faisalabad but cannot be SSP okara. For okara, it has termed as DPO okara.


DPO is subordinate to DCO. He has to obey all DCO orders indiscriminately. DPO remained in charge of reporting every single matters one seniority basis. CSPs inducted as ASP through the competitive exams required at least 5 years to became a DPO. DPO is known as District Police Officer in Pakistan. He is responsible for any reforms in police culture like recently launched complaints management system in police stations. It is helping people to get rid of any issues found during the complaint process. DPO can be utilize as the heads of regional and district police officers. There is huge difference between the Police Act 1861 and Police order 2002. According to Police Act 1861, he is head of district police and known as superintendent of Police. Adfter 2002 , Superintendent of Police known as DPO. All administrative and financial matters reserved in this position. He is head of regional and district police officers through the official notification. DPO appointed for 3 years. But, designation available till further notice issued. The designation found by the approval of federal government.


SSP known as Senior superintendent of Police has BS 19 rank. Senior superintendent of Police SSO or Police as superintendent SP designation has considerable space in the new police act. SSP has certain position like other ranks in Pakistan police.

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Difference Between DPO And SSP In Pakistan

Difference Between DPO And SSP In Pakistan

Heads of regional And Heads of District Police Officers SSP has BS 19 scale
DPO can take action against any police officer who refuse to register FIR It is highest rank of internal management
He can take actions against any police officer involving in unlawful activity SSP take actions against any police station at minor or major level
CM appointed DPO of district CM appointed DPO of city
DPO take preference from political bodies in special cases SSP also take decision according to the political environment in the city

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