Difference Between Pakistan And India Culture

Culture and region is the major reason from which we can distinguish between the nations, societies, and countries. There is a huge difference between Pakistan and Indian Culture. Some people didn’t familiar with the difference between the culture of Pakistan and India. Religion and culture is the major reason on the base of which we can differentiate between different countries of the world. Here below we are going to describe the major difference between these two countries with respect to culture. Keep reading this article till the end will probably help you in this regard. here are some Difference Between Pakistan And India Culture.

The culture of Pakistan:

The culture of Pakistan is followed by the teachings of Islam. Food and choice of eating represent the culture of any country and consider the major part of any state’s culture. In Pakistan meat is highly preferable to eat just because of the fact that the Islam allows eating it whereas in India culture meat is highly prohibited due to their book Bhagwat Geeta. There is also a huge difference between the languages of Pakistan and India. The regional languages of Pakistan are Sindhi, Punjabi, Baluchi, Pushto, Saraiki, Gijri, and Hindu. The national language of Pakistan is Urdu. further bullet points shows the Difference Between Pakistan And India Culture.

Difference Between Pakistan And India Culture

Difference Between Pakistan And India Culture

The culture of India:

The culture of India is really quite different from the culture of Pakistan. India is multicultural and multi society country which celebrates several festivals and events of various religions such as Diwali, Holi, Ram Navami, Guru Purnima, and Raksha Bandhan etc. the most popular sport of India is Kabbadi which is played in most of the Indian villages. The regional languages of India are Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telgu, Urdu, Sanskrit and Punjabi etc. the national language of India is Hindi. For further detail information must read the below key difference between the Pakistani and Indian Culture.

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Key Difference Between Pakistan And India Culture:

  • The Pakistani culture is based on the teaching of Islam whereas India is not based on Islamic teachings.
  • Meat is profoundly palatable in Pakistan since Islam permits it yet in India, meat dishes are disliked on the grounds that they conflict with the confidence.
  • The casual and classic dress of Pakistan is Kameez Shalwar whereas the casual dress of an Indian woman in a sari.
  • Pakistan is hundred times much safer than India in terms of organized threats to the country.
  • Pakistan has undoubtedly
  • The only one of the way of greeting in Pakistani culture is Assalam-o-Alaikum whereas the India culture there are various cultures and society due to which various greetings are present such a Sat Shri Akal, Ram Ram, Namaste etc.
  • There is gender segregation is present in Pakistan whereas there is no concept of gender segregation in and they didn’t prepare for us.
  • The national language of Pakistan is Urdu whereas the national language of India is Hindi.
  • In Pakistani culture, after death, the dead body should be buried as soon as possible after Ghusal and covered with Kafan whereas in India Culture the dead body is not buried even they burn the dead bodies and after burning the ash is flowed in the River Ganga.

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