What Is The Difference Between Interview And Interrogation

Communication and conversation are the best sources and ways to exchanges or deliver a thought, an idea, sentiment or information between individuals or a group. Interview and interrogation are types of conversation process or tools to abstract exact information of someone by logical queries.  Both are designed for different purpose and approaches. The interview is a process of polite conversation for any job in order to select the right candidates for the post. Interrogation is processed to fetch the true or accurate information from any suspicion of an incident. But interview can also take from any personality or celebrity regarding his/her successful point of life or any event in his/her life. Both are conversational or psychological strategies to abstract the right information. Here we are going to reveal the difference between interview and interrogation in detail. For further and clearer difference must read key difference till the end will surely help you in this regard.

What Is The Difference Between Interview And Interrogation

difference between interview and interrogation

What is Interview?

An interview is referred to a process of conversation between the expert panel and the candidate in order to judge the capabilities and the abilities of candidates for a job or a specific post. It is way or method to seek exact information through questions and answers from candidates to select the right or deserving candidates for a job. But the interview is not only referring to some job but also refer to the interview of personalities and celebrities.

What is Interrogation?

Interrogation is one of the process or way to interrogate or investigation a situation by the law enforcement agents or security officers from a suspect or culprit regarding some incident. It is too much difference from the interview. The interview is a formal way to get information whereas interrogation is an attempt to get information from police or any security officer.

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Key Difference between Interview and Interrogation:

  • The interview is a process of judging someone’s ability and accuracy in a non-threatening environment for a specific post or a job whereas Interrogation is investigation process or tool of obtaining true and accurate information in a situation where an interrogator investigates the situation to obtain true information.
  • Interview always refers to the polite discussion or conversation but interrogation is always an attempt to get information.
  • Interview refers to the polite conversation regarding some discipline, subject, or life history from any candidates, personality or celebrity on the other hand interrogation refers to the investigational conversation between the suspect, subject, victim and a law enforcement or a security officer regarding any incident.
  • The outcome of a successful interview is called information whereas the outcome of a successful interrogation is called confession
  • The interview is taken in a non-threatening environment while interrogation is taken place in a lopsided environment.

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