Difference Between Rural And Urban Life In Pakistan

We can classify the human societies into two main branches such as urban and rural. Both theses settlement and lives are quite different from each other. Most of the people prefer to settle in urban areas due to high facilities, better education system, well-established infrastructure, modern means of transportation and communication, and technologies whereas the urban life lacks these modern and advance qualities. But there is a huge fact in this statement that the rural life is totally natural and pure. Rural life is very peaceful and mesmerizing life, whereas urban life is full of facilities but these facilities are manmade such as supermarkets, banks, advance educational institutions, highly equipped hospitals, and modern building and luxury homes. There is number of difference between the rural and urban life which we are going to discuss below in detail. Keep reading this article will probably help you in this regard. It is related to Difference Between Rural And Urban Life In Pakistan

What is Rural Life?

Rural life is one of the peaceful and natural lives. There are so many natural advantages of rural life as compared to urban life. In spite of fewer opportunities, advancements, education facilities, modern communications, technologies, the rural life is enjoying its own charms and beauty. Rural people are enjoying more peaceful life because there is no concept of tension and depression in rural areas. Although rural areas are not well established and there is some ratio of poverty lies in these areas. But by taking some necessary measures these local problems can be eradicated easily education and poverty is one of them.

Difference Between Rural And Urban Life In Pakistan

Difference Between Rural And Urban Life In Pakistan

What is Urban Life?

Urban life is one of the enjoyable lives compared to urban. There is a huge number of facilities and luxuries in urban life. The educational facilities in urban areas meet the high demand for advanced education in order to beat the technologies and new inventions with other competitive countries. There is also an extreme success occurs in the transportation system in urban areas of Pakistan. Several advances and modern transportation means are invented to ensure the ride of the general public. But the urban people are living very complex and complicated life compared to rural life.

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The key Difference Between Rural And Urban Life In Pakistan:

Here below we are going to reveal some important key differences between Rural and urban life which clearly exhibits the exact difference.

Rural Life Urban Life
Rural life is simple and easy Urban people are living very complex and complicated life
Rural areas are comprised of villages and hamlets Urban areas are comprised of cities and towns
Rural areas are associated with agricultural work and live stroke urban areas are quietly different urban life is mostly associated with trade, commerce, and provision of services
Rural areas are sparsely populated Urban areas are densely populated
Rural peoples are enjoying the same status Urban people are not enjoying the same status due to the difference in creed, caste, culture, and religion
The social mobility in rural areas is less extensive Social mobility in urban areas is more extensive
Rural life is mostly dependent on natural resources and event Urban life is enjoying the benefits of man’s advancement in science and technology
There is no division o labor in rural areas There is a division between labor and specialization in job allotment

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