What is The Difference Between Act And Ordinance in Pakistan

Act and Ordinance refer to the laws. The draft piece of legislation is called bill but when this is passed by the parliament then it becomes an Act. Ordinance and acts are referred to the same but the ordinance is not passed by the legislature. Both act and ordinance are very necessary for the enforcement of rules, laws, and regulations within the boundaries of a country. The government is responsible for bringing new laws, acts, and ordinance in Pakistan although parliament is responsible for implementing legislation. Act and ordinance are however playing a vital role in the government of Pakistan; it obviously laid the foundations of rules and regulations.

If you are finding the basic and key difference between act and ordinance we are here to provide you the best answer to your question regarding this. Here below we are going to demonstrate What is The Difference Between Act And Ordinance in Pakistan

What is Act in Pakistan:

When a draft or a bill passed through various legislative steps and also passes by the president then this bill becomes an act. The act is responsible for implementing various laws within a country. There are so many acts are pass by the parliament of Pakistan since its establishment for the enforcement of these laws several law enforcement agencies are working in Pakistan. Acts are made for the whole country pass by the parliament in order to enforce specific law, rule, and regulation.

What is Ordinance in Pakistan:

The ordinance is also refer to law. It is pass by the municipal government in order to enforce the specific law within the municipality areas such as a village, town, city or limited specify areas under the municipal government. It is only follow by the municipalities however the acts are followed or enforce to the whole country. For detail and key difference must take a look at the below-listed chart, showing What is The Difference Between Act And Ordinance in Pakistan!

What is The Difference Between Act And Ordinance in Pakistan

What is The Difference Between Act And Ordinance in Pakistan

Key Difference between Act and Ordinance in Pakistan


Act is a bill or a law passed through from Various legislative steps, which declares, Commands, and prescribes something

Ordinance refers to the law promulgated by a state or National/Municipal Government to a village, town, city without the consent of any legislature

Act is a permanent law and it cannot expire, Replace, or changed

Ordinance is a temporary law until its expiry, can be replace change.

An act is pass through various Legislative steps and approve by the legislators

Ordinance is not pass or approve by the legislature. It is pass by the municipal government.
Apply to:

It is apply for particular circumstances and specific people. e-g law against drunk driving

Ordinance applies to specific city, town, village and limited areas by the municipal government.
Follow by:

Act is follow or enforce to whole country

Only those people living in municipality have to follow the ordinances


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