What is the Difference between National Assembly and Provincial Assembly in Pakistan

Assembly is the group or gathering of people in a specific field for a common purpose. National Assembly and the Provincial Assemblies are two legislative bodies of the Parliament of Pakistan. National Assembly is the lower house of bicameral the (Majlis e Shura). The National Assembly of Pakistan is established under the article 50 of Constitutions while the Provincial Assembly was established under the article 106 of the constitution of Pakistan. The President and the Senate are also the components of National Assembly. Both National and Provincial are the Representative Assemblies, responsible for making laws for the Federation and control financial affairs of the state of Pakistan. You can further find the detail information regarding National Assembly and Provincial Assembly in separate headings, keep reading further will obviously help in this regard. It is all about the What is the Difference between National Assembly and Provincial Assembly in Pakistan.

National Assembly:

National Assembly is the Lower House of the Parliament of Pakistan (Majlis e Shura). It is the Sovereign Legislative body of Pakistan. It is comprised of President of Pakistan and Senate. There are 342 members of National Assembly which refer to the members of National Assembly (MNA’s). Out of 342 seats, 272 seats are reserved for directly elected members, 70 reserved seats for women and religious minorities. The main functions and work of the National Assembly of Pakistan are listed below in detail;

What is the Difference between National Assembly and Provincial Assembly in Pakistan?

Duties and Functions of National Assembly:

  • Making of Law: National Assembly of Pakistan makes Law for the Federation.
  • Financial Control: National Assembly of Pakistan is able to make laws, includes the power to raise revenue and authorize the expenditure.
  • Critical Role: It also conducts the questionnaire session with the Ministers, through these questions and answers the Parliaments makes the Government accounts for its actions.
  • Representative Role: It also plays a representative role for their constituents and responsible for needs and concerns heard in Parliament of their constituents.

What is the Difference between National Assembly and Provincial Assembly in Pakistan

Provincial Assembly:

The Provincial Assembly is the group of elected representatives of the unicameral legislature of (Majlis e Shura). The members who are elected by the voters in the province for the term of five years are known as members of Provincial Assembly. There are four provincial assemblies in Pakistan, Punjab Provincial Assembly, Sindh Provincial Assembly, Baluchistan Provincial Assembly, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Assembly. The Provincial Assembly has 371 seats from which 66 reserved seats for Women and 8 seats for religious minorities. The provincial assembly was established under the Articles 106 Constitution of Pakistan. The members of provincial assemblies are also called representative because they are playing the representative role in the province. There are following responsibilities and functions of Provincial Assembly listed below in detail; It is all about the What is the Difference between National Assembly and Provincial Assembly in Pakistan

Duties and Functions of Provincial Assembly:

  • Law Making: The main functions include making laws in the constitution of Pakistan.
  • Policy Making: To check on policies and practices
  • Financial Control: It is also playing vital role in manage the purse of the nation

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Key Difference between National Assembly and Provincial Assembly:

National Assembly Provincial Assembly
National Assembly is the sovereign legislature body (Lower House) Provincial Assembly is the bicameral legislative body (upper house)
National Assembly is comprised of 342 seats 70 reserved for women and religious minorities


Provincial assembly is comprised of 371 seats 66 reserved for women and 8 reserved for religious minorities
National Assembly was established under the Article 50


Provincial Assembly is established under the Article 106


There is only one National Assembly in Pakistan there are four Provincial Assemblies in Pakistan e-g (Punjab Assembly, Sindh Assembly, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan Provincial Assemblies)
National Assembly makes law for Federation


Provincial Assembly makes laws and policies in the constitution of Pakistan


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