What Is The Difference Between Developed And Developing Countries?

The countries from all over the world are mainly classified into two categories such as developed countries and developing countries. Developed and developing countries are distinguished by various points of success and failures. The development of a particular country may represent the level of its industrial or economic infrastructure. Countries are obviously recognized through their economic position/sector. The economic sector is base on GDP and GNP. The countries have strong industrial sector are developed while developing countries lack this factor. If you really want to examine the difference between developed and developing countries. Here below you can easily find the comprehensive difference between the developed and developing countries in detail. Keep reading this article (What Is The Difference Between Developed And Developing Countries) until the end will surely help you in this regard.

What Is The Difference Between Developed And Developing Countries?

Developed Countries:

Developed countries are referred to that sovereign state or nation who have strong ad well established industrial sector as compared to other countries. The developed countries are enjoying so many luxury factors which are only possible through effective utilization of resources. The big factor of developing countries is that there is the low birth rate. Developed countries are able to generate huge revenue due to which there is an equal distribution of wealth among people. The success of developed countries is lies on various leading factors in which economic sectors play a vital role.
What Is The Difference Between Developed And Developing Countries

Developing Countries:

Developing countries can be distinguished through developed countries by low and weak industrialization/economic sector. The major reason and factors of developing countries are the high birth rate, low death rate, literacy rate, and shortcoming in the areas of medical supply. Developing countries utilize the non-effectively or limited resource and always relay or depend on other developed countries. Due to weak economic infrastructure, the state isn’t able to generate huge revenue. Due to a shortage of revenue, there is an unequal distribution of wealth and people live a low standard of living. This is the main reason for increasing poverty in a country. Further explained Difference Between State Minister And Federal Minister in Pakistan

what are the main differences between developed and developing countries?

Developed Developing
The countries that have strong economic and industrial infrastructure are known as developed countries


The countries having a low rate of industrialization and per capita income is known as developing countries


Developed countries have a low rate of unemployment and poverty


The developing countries have a high rate of unemployment and poverty


In developed countries, people enjoy the high standard of living


In developing countries people have low standard of living


In developed countries, equal distribution of income is taking place


In developing countries, there is an unequal distribution of income


Developed countries generate more revenue developing countries generate less revenue
The Developed countries are self-sufficient


The developing counties are dependent on other countries


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